Club Nintendo Monthly Digital Rewards (December)

1080 Snowboarding Slopes

The American snowboarder Rob Haywood passes the opponent Kensuke Kimachi on a downhill race in “1080° Snowboarding.” (Photo Credit by Cordilon Gaming)

Shredding the downhill slopes

The new monthly cycle is here as a different selection of digital games are being offered through Club Nintendo for the cost of virtual currency gained from completing surveys.

Just like the previous offerings, the featured titles within the batch consist of four games for Wii U and four games for 3DS. As of late, the digital rewards from these past couple of months have varied from being average to being fairly lackluster. However, it’s safe to say that December’s selection breaks the “dry spell” period that has been plaguing Club Nintendo as the cult classic “Super Mario Kart” and the underrated gem “1080° Snowboarding” appeals to a wider audience.

With that being said, here are the games that are being offered this month:

Nintendo Digital Rewards (December 14)

From one-on-one snowboard racing to the playful world of platforming, December 2014’s catalog is fairly diverse. (Photo Credit by Brandon Tanis)

Which select digital games are you getting this month from Club Nintendo? Let me know in the comments below.

[Via: Siliconera]

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