Dragon Quest VIII is Heading to the Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest 8 3DS (Revised)

A teaser for the revision of “Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King,” confirmed from Square Enix themselves. (Photo Credit by Gematsu)

The journey to the cursed king is back once more

Square Enix announced the PlayStation 2 classic “Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King” for the Nintendo 3DS, which is destined to launch this summer for Japan.

For the upcoming remake of “Dragon Quest VIII,” Square Enix will be incorporating a brand new scenario to its main campaign. In addition, recruiting new party members such as Garda, the female thief, and Morrie, from “Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road,” will be feasible this time around. The following remake will also include the Street Pass functionality along with full voice-overs and orchestral soundtrack from the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

In terms of pre-ordering the game, a number of online and retail outlets will have specific bonuses to offer to their customers:

Square Enix e-Store:

  • Candy Cane – a weapon for Yangus that causes remarkable damage, even on metallic enemies.

Amazon JP:

  • Healie T-Shirt – a universal armor for everyone that recovers HP periodically as you walk.


  • Healie Cap – a universal helmet that increases dexterity and maximum HP.

Game Tsutaya:

  • Golden Bamboo Spear – a weapon for the main character that’s made out of pure gold, which is worth 5,000 gold if sold at an NPC store.


  • Lucky Pendant – an accessory for everyone that allows the wearer to dodge enemies attacks more easily.

Yodobashi Camera:

  • Metal Slime Tray – a universal shield that slightly protects from magic attacks.

Despite the fact this title came out over a decade ago, the eighth installment is still being cherished among the hearts of many Dragon Quest enthusiasts. It was the first entry within the franchise to make a smooth transition from colorful sprites to eye-catching cell shaded visuals. Moreover, it retained the familiar retro assets and simplistic battle system that the series is known for.

“Dragon Quest VIII” will be hitting the store shelves in Japan on Aug. 27 for 5,980 yen. However, the North American and European dates have yet to be confirmed for the time being.

Are you excited that “Dragon Quest VIII” is coming out for the Nintendo 3DS? Let me know in the comments below.

[Source: Gematsu] [Via: Nintendo Life]

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