Final Fantasy Explorers Will Not Feature Stereoscopic 3D

Final Fantasy Explorers Battle

Custom-avatar player slices and dices his way through the grassy fields in “Final Fantasy Explorers.” (Photo Credit by NeoGAF)

3D-Slider not working?

Square Enix decided to be the bearer of bad news as they confirmed that “Final Fantasy Explorers” for Nintendo 3DS will be restricted to 2D-only.

The company hasn’t revealed the reason behind this decision, but this simply isn’t the first title to not utilize the key feature of the 3DS. Developers in the past claim that abandoning the stereoscopic 3D visuals provided a substantial boost to construct a beefier game. Needless to say, Capcom’s “Resident Evil: Revelations” and “Monster Hunter 4” proved that statement wrong, given the fact that those entries boasted impressive visuals — while retaining the 3D functionality.

Regardless of the 3D feature getting canned, it’s reassuring to know that the Circle Pad Pro accessory will add another dimension to “Final Fantasy Explorers.” Players will be able to use the second analog slider to maneuver the camera opposed to using the directional pad. Furthermore, the ZL will be used to lock-on to monsters, whereas, the ZR will be used to lock-on to summon monsters.

“Final Fantasy Explorers” is destined to launch in Japan in Dec. 18, however, the release date for North America and Europe has yet to be announced.

Are you disappointed by the absence of the stereoscopic 3D in “Final Fantasy Explorers?” Let me know in the comments below.

[Source: Siliconera]

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