Flipnote Studio 3D is Available for North American Club Nintendo Members

Flipnote Studio 3D Drawing

A hand-drawn frame of Satoru Iwata’s “Directly to You” pose in “Flipnote Studio 3D.” (Photo Credit by YouTube)

Time to break out those styli, artists!

The days of teasing “Flipnote Studio 3D” has finally come to an end since this highly anticipated drawing software is now available to download for Club Nintendo users.

“Flipnote Studio 3D” is more or less a successor to “Flipnote Studio” that originally debuted on the Nintendo DSi. Aside from the fact that users can still draw individual frames to create a short video, this new iteration allows the animated flip notes to presented in 3D. With a wide array of tools and options, artists can spend days, weeks — if not, months on making spectacular cartoons from this unique application.

“Flipnote Studio 3D” was announced back in 2013 from a Nintendo Direct Mini broadcast session. The North American version was slated to release approximately a month after Japan, however, it got delayed due to it’s overwhelming online usage. After waiting a year, five months and 12 days, the software was accessible for a limited amount of time, thanks to the site undergoing maintenance after experiencing high traffic.

As of now, Club Nintendo members shouldn’t have an issue obtaining the code from the website.

Are you excited that “Flipnote Studio 3D” is finally available to download? Let me know in the comments below.

[Via: Nintendo Life]

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