Mario Kart 8 200cc Comparison Video Zips Through Piranha Plant Pipeway

Mario Kart 8 Speed Comparison (Revised)

A frame that was captured during the “Mario Kart 8” 150cc vs. 200cc footage. (Photo Credit by Product-Reviews)

Zooming through the course lap under a minute!

Nintendo of UK redefines the meaning of speed with a new “Mario Kart 8” comparison video that contains gameplay of the highly anticipated 200cc mode.

The purpose of the clip is to demonstrate the speed differences between the current 150cc and the new 200cc option that’s heading to “Mario Kart 8” in the coming weeks. Big-N chose Piranha Plant Pipeway, a racetrack that originally debuted in “Mario Kart 7,” in order to make the changes more apparent for the viewers. Check out the brief footage below to see how fast the extra 50cc increment really is:

As you can see within the video, it’s pretty evident that the 200cc gameplay finished first, due to how much faster the racer maneuvered across the track. Special gimmicks throughout the course (like the stream of water, for an instance) boosted the acceleration by a staggering amount. In addition, the greater lift from the hang glider toward the end helped the player to reach the finish line quicker as well.

“Mario Kart 8” owners will be able to truly test their karting skills once the 200cc update is available to download on April 23. 

What’s your impression of the new 200cc option that’s coming to “Mario Kart 8?” Let me know in the comments below.

[Source: YouTube] [Via: Nintendo Life]

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