“New” Nintendo 3DS Revealed!


During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a brand new model for the Nintendo 3DS line! The third revision incorporates a hand full of new features, tweaks, and modifications that may sway some existing users to upgrade.

Nintendo is increasing the screen real estate of the New 3DS by 1.2 times compared to the original 3DS. The screen resolution remains the same, however, the 3D viewing angles has been vastly improved! You can tilt the device (horizontally) and still view the content with ease opposed to viewing it directly on the conventional 3DS.


Moreover, the traditional A, B, X, and Y buttons received a stylish Super Famicom color scheme that brings back some nostalgia to the retro gaming fans. In addition, there is also a small Circle Pad that will be featured in upcoming games, such as “Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate” and “Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.”


Aside the fact that the second Circle Pad is thrown into the mix, the ZL and ZR buttons also makes an appearance as well. They are adjacent to the L and R triggers and the usage of the ZL and ZR is left up to the developers. With that being said, the Circle Pad Pro accessory will no longer be compatible, since the dimensions of the New Nintendo 3DS is different from the previous models. Regardless, all the features from the accessory has been added to the New 3DS.


Lastly, Nintendo switched around the placement of the Game Card, Power Button, and the Stylus Holder. Now, the Game Card slot is found on the front of the device, whereas, it was previously located on the back. Likewise, the Power Button is found on the exterior opposed to it being in the interior. Also, the stylus is now stored in the front slot rather than it being on the rear/right side.

Besides the cosmetic changes, the New Nintendo 3DS has received some under-the-hood changes such as a CPU upgrade and a new Micro SD Card slot. With the new CPU upgrade, it will allow the 3DS to download eShop content faster than before! In addition to that, there will be exclusive games for the New 3DS, thanks to the new and improved CPU. Furthermore, the Micro SD Card slot will make it easier to transfer content from your desktop or laptop to your 3DS (or vice versa). The New 3DS is capable of properly reading 16GB and 32GB Micro SD Cards as well.

The New Nintendo 3DS will be launching in Japan on Oct. 11. The New 3DS will cost 16,000 yen and 18,000 yen for the New 3DS LL.

As for North America and Europe release dates, hopefully, we will get a confirmation from Nintendo relatively soon.

[Source: Siliconera]

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