Nintendo Direct on September 4th Reveals More Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 (Revised)

Nintendo is one of the many corporations that keeps their news and announcements within their discretion. To be frank, pretty much all of these companies these days pursue the same business practice due to various reasons. Just think about it, why would the dedicated fan base get hyped and excited for information that has already been prematurely leaked? Needless to say, Nintendo in the most recent years have been rather good at securing their trumps cards for the upcoming events. When the Big-N is ready to spill the beans, they periodically release a Nintendo Direct for the hungry enthusiasts.

The time is approaching relatively soon for the latest Nintendo Direct! Nintendo of America teased on Twitter that their upcoming broadcast is mainly focused on the highly anticipated “Bayonetta 2” which is destined to release this fall. Moreover, Nintendo eventually shared a picture to their followers:

With that being said, you can expect to see a surplus of details toward “Bayonetta 2” on Sept. 4 at 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST.

[Update]: Here’s the full presentation of the “Bayonetta 2” Direct:

[Source: Twitter] [Via: Nintendo Life]

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