Nintendo IP’s Can Officially Be Used For Fan Projects

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An older Nintendo logo that was used from 1975 to 2006. (Photo Credit by Logok)

Freedom to the players!

Nintendo is proud to present a shockingly new policy that officially grants permission for anyone to use their properties for “derivative works.”

From the land of the rising sun, the Japanese web company Dwango reveals their plans to host the Tokaigi “Gaming Party Japan 2015.” The whole premise of this unique event is in efforts to bring the gaming community to play games together. Furthermore, Nintendo is advocating this cause by announcing their sponsorship for the “Game Party Japan” program.

Aside from the fact that Big-N is sponsoring the event, Nintendo President and CEO Sataru Iwata stated that their loyal fans can utilize their IPs for their own creative projects. In other words: producing Let’s Play videos, beautiful fan art, music covers and any other fan-related material is acceptable in Nintendo’s eyes now. It’s quite an interesting turn of events, since the company, as a whole, was originally against the concept of others using their own ideas for their own personal gain. Now they’re not…? A sudden change of heart, I perhaps?

Needless to say, Iwata also revealed the “Creative Endorsement Program,” which supports the usage of Nintendo-related content. With this stellar program, creators who have produced widely recognized work will finally be financially rewarded. As of right now, the project will only be compatible with Nico Nico, given the fact that it’s affiliated with Dwango.

Are you excited that you can be rewarded for creating fan projects that pertains to Nintendo? Let me know in the comments below.

[Source: NeoGAF] [Via: Nintendo Everything]

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