Nintendo Treehouse Streaming 8 Hours on September 12th

Nintendo Treehouse Crew (Revised)

Nintendo is pulling out all of their tricks lately with their ambiguous announcements! First comes the brand new Nintendo 3DS (which can be read here), second comes the “Bayonetta 2” Direct (which can also be read and viewed here) — and now this?! This is definitely a great time to be gamer, thanks to the surplus of content that’s coming within the horizon. With that being said, the Nintendo Treehouse crew will be streaming eight hours of highly anticipated games that is slated for fall. Furthermore, they will be demonstrating the final version of “Super Smash Bros. for 3DS” as well!

If you think this is simply too good to be true, then check out this tweet from Nintendo of America:

Needless to say, I honestly can’t wait to check out that stream on Nintendo’s Twitch channel. It gives us potential buyers an opportunity to watch the live presentation for any particular game that we might be interested in. Moreover, the Treehouse members could be hiding an ace card up their sleeves with some unexpected surprises as well. At this point, my level of excitement is going through the roof, so I’ll try my best to tame it — for now.

[Source: Twitter] [Via: Nintendo Life]

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