Nintendo Wii U Firmware 5.2.0 Brings Folders and More

Nintendo Wii U Folders (Revised)

In firmware 5.2.0, Nintendo Wii U owners can organize their content in folders, along with changing the name and color associated with it. (Photo Credit by Nintendo Today)

Organizing your games and apps in style!

Be sure to check the illuminating notification on the Game Pad, because the latest 5.2.0 update for the Nintendo Wii U is available to download!

The most notable change within the system update is the folders functionality. Now, Wii U owners can organize their digital collection to their heart’s content. This feature was found on the 3DS, however, Nintendo took it a step further by adding the ability to change the color of the folder, opposed to having the default color on the 3DS.

Aside from the folders, the HOME menu and the Quick Start menu have been slightly modified as well. Within the HOME menu, the Download Management icon makes an appearance, so it is no longer necessary to press the HOME button to access it. Speaking of the HOME button, the menu, with the core multitasking icons, has been streamlined into a sleeker look. Also, users can activate the Quick Start option by using the TV button rather than pressing the Power button to initiate it.

Other miscellaneous changes that’s found within the update is that the irrelevant characters when redeeming the Nintendo eShop activation code can not be entered. In addition, the overall system stability has been improved and some minor adjustments have been made in order to improve the user’s experience.

What are your impressions of the new 5.2.0 update for the Wii U? Let me know in the comments below.

[Source: Nintendo UK] [Via: Nintendo Life]

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