Rumor: Fatal Frame Wii U Confirmed As Japan-Only?

Fatal Frame V Woods (Revised)

The main character, Yuri Kozukata, walks through a dark and eerie forest with her flashlight in “Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.” (Photo Credit by )

Hold off on bringing the mystical point-and-shoot camera

The ghostly tale of Nintendo’s horror title may never reach the western shores as Koei Tecmo of Europe foreshadows its region exclusivity.

Big-N revealed “Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden” for Wii U through a live presentation event via Nico Nico back in July 17, 2014. The information regarding the announcement was rather sparse, but it was reassuring to know that it was in development. Despite the fact that the stream was catered toward the Japanese audience, it still gave a glimmer of hope to the international Fatal Frame enthusiasts.

Fans began to voice their opinions toward the recent Japanese release of “Fatal Frame V” on Twitter. The conversation started to spread like wildfire as the users include the trending #WeWantFatalFrame hashtag within their tweets. This captivated Koei Tecmo of Europe’s attention as they respond back to their followers with this message below:

Prior to Nintendo purchasing the “Fatal Frame” IP during the seventh generation, the previous titles were available across various regions. However, since the release of “Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse” on Nintendo Wii, the series has remained exclusively in Japan. This raised some level of concern among the western audience, since it appears that Nintendo of America and Europe has no desire to localize it within those respective territories.

What is your stance toward the new “Fatal Frame” being a Japan-only title? Let me know in the comments below.

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