Hyrule Warriors Bundle Exclusive to Nintendo World

Hyrule Warriors (Revised)

“Hyrule Warriors” is inching closer and closer as the days goes by! Here in North America, us die-hard Zelda fans have to wait until Sept. 26 for it to get released. As usual, our Nintendo brethrens from Japan have been enjoying this crossover since Aug. 14 — which was over a month ago. Furthermore, Japanese gamers have an option to either buy the regular edition or the special bundle. What the special bundle includes is your very own copy of “Hyrule Warriors” along with a nifty blue scarf (that’s worn by Link in-game).

Speaking of the special bundle — is North America even receiving it?! Thankfully, Nintendo of America is here to shed some light on their followers over at Twitter:

Despite the fact that Nintendo did confirm the existence of the upcoming bundle for Hyrule Warriors in United States, there’s also another follow-up tweet:

Unfortunately, the limited edition will be exclusive to Nintendo World only. If potential buyers are interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind package, then they must wait in line at 8 a.m. to secure their spot to buy it. With that being said, due to the volume of hype and limited amount of bundles, pre-ordering it isn’t an option either.

If anything, best of luck to those who are camping for that collector’s bundle, because it’s going to be a long day ahead of you.

[Source: Twitter] [Via: Nintendo Life]

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