Nintendo World’s Triple Event in a Nutshell

Pokemon Omega & Alpha Display

Vertical promotion banners of “Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire,” at Nintendo World (Photo Credit by Brandon Tanis)

Triple the action, triple the fun

NEW YORK — Last night, Nintendo World hosted a celebration event in regards for the simultaneous releases of not one, not two — but three flagship entries for Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo is making a rather bold move by launching “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U” and “Pokémon Omega & Alpha Sapphire” on the same day. Although the new amiibo line isn’t a game itself, those figurines were meant to add additional content to any current or upcoming Wii U titles that incorporates that functionality. It didn’t take very long for a stampede of die-hard fans to start camping outside in the blistering cold, once the word broke out from @Nintendo_World (via Twitter).

Just like the previous launch events that had consumers waiting outside, the front of the line began at the entrance of Nintendo World. There were a plethora of Rockefeller security monitoring up and down West 48th Street, due to the high volume of participants that were expected to come. The length of the line grew immensely over such little time that the final customer’s position was marked near the Rock Center Café, on West 49th Street, during my observation.

Nintendo Cosplayers

Nintendo fans cosplaying their favorite characters for the Triple Event. (Photo Credit by Brandon Tanis)

Once it was officially 9 p.m., Nintendo enthusiasts started chanting and cheering with excitement as the golden double doors to the “Video gamers paradise” was open for business. Nintendo World General Manager PJ Sadler welcomed his fellow customers with a warm smile as he directed them to the proper destination for the cash registers. Sadler gave people the option of waiting on the first floor or walking up the flight of stairs to wait on the second floor, which ultimately served as the same purpose for those that are interested in buying the game(s) and figurine(s).

As fans inched closer and closer to the register — the more eager they were to get their hands on the prize! Patience was certainly required, since the line was progressing relatively slow for some peculiar reason. In addition, the Wii U demo stations were not accessible for the time being either, since that would have caused conflicts, in terms of getting people to move up in the line. Moments after buying the product, consumers were so relieved that they could secure their purchase that the whole waiting aspect became a blur in a matter of minutes.

Brandon & Nintendo Minute Girl

Me (Brandon Tanis) with Nintendo Minute spokeswoman Krysta Yang. (Photo Credit by Anonymous)

Nintendo World Visual Coordinator Jarita Bridges and another representative were handing out free Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon goodies on the first floor to thank the participants that advocated the event. Within the vicinity of the free goods, a few Nintendo of America officials along with the Nintendo Minute spokeswoman Krysta Yang made a presence which essentially caught many of us by surprise. Even the Mario & Luigi mascots were there to encourage others to take a picture with them, thus leaving the fans with a positive impression when they walk out that door.

You can check out the photos that I took at the launch event here.

Also, how was your experience at Nintendo World’s Triple Event? If not, what prevented you from going last night? Let me know in the comments below.

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