Pokkén Tournament Location Test Gameplay Footage

Pokken Tournament Fierce Battle (Revised)

Lucario used Aura Sphere on Fighting-type Pokémon Machamp in “Pokkén Tournament.” (Photo Credit by Prima Games)

Let the best Pokémon win

The eyecatching “Pokémon-meets-Tekken” collaboration title receives more gameplay footage from another public location test that gamers played over in Kawasaki, Japan.

Bandai Namco is testing the waters with The Pokémon Company to create an arcade fighting game that combines the elements of “Tekken” and “Pokémon.” “Pokkén Tournament” is garnering quite a bit of attention lately based from the previous location test that was held on Jan. 30. Not too long ago, a video has been uploaded from YouTube user seadraDS that features off-screen recording from the Kawasaki event:

The overall duration of the footage itself is little bit on the lengthy side, but it demonstrates some aspects of the game. Within the video, viewers will watch the player initiate a tutorial session prior to versing other combatants. Shortly after, there’s a plethora of player vs. CPU matches, which somewhat gives us a better understanding of the fighting mechanics.

More information regarding Bandai Namco’s project will appear in the near future.

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