The Wonderful 101’s “Platinum Code” Unlocks Bayonetta and Co

Wonderful 101 Bayonetta

The witchy protagonist Bayonetta, from the “Bayonetta” series, joins the fight against the malicious alien terrorists in “The Wonder 101.” (Photo Credit by NeoGAF)

The Wonderful 101 becomes the new 104

Platinum Games decided to release the confidential “Platinum Code” so players can easily unlock Bayonetta and her allies in “The Wonderful 101” for Nintendo Wii U.

The reveal of the crafty witch shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone — given the fact that companies often makes characters from different IPs appear as a cameo. Bayonetta and her companions were always available through the in-game store, however, the conditions required to unlock them was rather challenging and time consuming. If you’re interested in recruiting Bayonetta, Rodin, and Jeanne to your army of heroes in a more relaxed manner, then try entering the following “Platinum Code” below:

  • While Pressing ZR: ↑ ↓ ↑ → ← XBYA

Before processing the code, it’s recommended for players to save up two million in-game currency beforehand which is later used to purchase the Bayonetta set. With that being said, the code must be conducted at the start of Operation 001 in order for it to work. If you entered the combination correctly within the corresponding area, then a notification jiggle should sound off — thus allowing you to obtain the set with ease.

Are you relived that Bayonetta and her gang are easier to unlock with the “Platinum Code?” Let me know in the comments below.

[Source: NeoGAF] [Via: Nintendo Life]

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